High Density Interconnector(HDI) board

High Density Interconnector(HDI) board

High Density Interconnector(HDI) board is composed of PTH holes (Press fit holes), buried holes and laser drill blind micro-vias holes.  

HDI printed circuit board have denser BGA and complicated stack up. Have advantage of light, thin and high density. Our capability can do 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ and anylayer HDI PCB, Rigid-flex PCB HDI.

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ItemFabrication Capabilities
The number of layers1+,2+,3+,4+, any layer
MaterialFR-4, High TG FR-4 , Halogen Free material, KB, ITEQ,ShengYI,PTFE,Rogers ,Arlon ,Taconic,Teflon,etc.
Maximum PCB Size650*1500mm
Board Size Tolerance±0.2mm/±0.5mm
Board Thickness0.1-3.2mm
Gold Finger ThicknessNormal:0.025-1.27μm Best:1.27-1.51μm
Resin Fillmin./max hole size:0.2/1.0mm
Max Hole Desity±0.075mm
Outer Layer Copper Thickness1-10oz(35-350μm)
Inner Layer Copper Thickness0.5oz-10oz(18-350μm)
Hole Wall Cu thicknessmin.20/ave. 25μm
Min Width of Annular Ring0.15mm(6mil)
Buried Min. Via size0.2mm
Backdrill Min. Via size0.4mm
Aperture TolerancePTH±3mil,NPTH±2mil
Minimum Character Width/Height(Legend)0.15mm/0.8mm
Mechnical Drill Aspect Ratio20:1
Impedance Control toleranceNormal:±10% Best:±5%
Surface Finishing

ENIG, Flash Gold, Hard Gold Finger, Gold Plating(50mil), Gold finger,Selected Gold Plating,


Solder Mask colorGreen ,Red, Yellow, Blue, White ,Black, Matte black, Violet and any color you need
Silkscreen colorWhite, Black, no silkscreen  
PanelizationV-scoring, Tab-routing( with Stamp Holes)
Test and CertificateFly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing(free), ISO 9001:2008 ,UL Certificate


KB / SYL / Nouya / Isola / Nelco / Rogers / Taconic / Arlon / Hitachi / Panasonic / DuPont

 / Shengyi / ITEQ / TUC

Material GradeFR4/ FR-5 / CEM - 1/ CEM -3 / /FR-2/FR1
Board Thickness

0.10mm / 0.12mm / 0.15mm / 0.20mm / 0.25mm / 0.30mm / 0.40mm / 0.50mm / 0.60mm/ 

0.80mm /1.0 mm/ 1.2 mm / 1.5mm / 1.6mm /1.8mm / 2.0 mm

TG Value170℃、180℃
Halogen FreeYes(optional)
Flammability rating94-v0
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K, or W/m.C)0.2-0.8
Dielectric Strength> 1.3 KV /mm
Wrap & Twist≤ 0.75%
Thermal Stress3 x 10 Sec @ 280 ℃

Prototype(<3m²)Layer countsNormal deliveryUrgent orders
HDI PCB1+12-15 Days1 Week
2+12-15 Days10 Days
3+15-20 Days12 Days
4+18 Days20-25 Days
Any layer1 month20 Days

Prototype(<3m²)Layer countsNormal deliveryUrgent orders
HDI PCB1+18-22 Days2 weeks
2+22-28 Days3 weeks
3+1 Months4 weeks
4+35-40 DaysNeed to evaluate
Any layer42-48 DaysNeed to evaluate